Unicorn Salt and Pepper Shakers


Offset your guilt for high salt consumption with these adorable unicorn salt and pepper shakers. Colourful, bright and cheery they are the perfect centre-piece for any table and any dinner party.

The RRP is £19,023 but they are on special offer at the moment.

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When you search for the perfect unicorn gift UK, you’ll often find some crap product that doesn’t even have a rainbow, let alone a unicorn. That is a real pet hate for the teams here at Sissy That Style. So the amazing unicorn salt and pepper shakers is what can only be described as “the best unicorn gift” that the universe has seen. I mean just look at them! Stunning.

Although they haven’t featured on Antiques Roadshow we think that they should, or will do in 100 years after your death. These are your gift to the future.

Yes you can place these stunning novelty salt and pepper shakers on the table and this funny unicorn gift will be a talking point for everyone. You don’t need to chat to the dull person sat next to you anymore.

“I mean seriously who could not comment on a unicorn, dragging its gender neutral undercarriage over a rainbow, sitting on top of some clouds. They would have to be a sociopath. Because this has to be one the gayest, campest, best unicorn gifts you’ve seen today.”

If you are searching for unicorn gifts UK, find this product and think yes, this is gala – it’s the perfect unicorn gift idea – you’d be right. You can buy for family members and they won’t understand what it is but THEY WILL APPRECIATE THE BEAUTY AND COLOUR.

The unicorn salt and pepper shakers is something you can give as a gift. In fact, it’s a great unicorn gift for girls. It’s also a great gift for gays, and perfect funny unicorn gift. As a stocking filler, it’s also pretty cool.

As we said these are on special offer so purchase before their costs sky rocket after that appearance on Antiques Roadshow in 100 years time.


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