Unicorn pin


Unicorn pins are great if you want to jazz up a tote bag, a jacket or a boring friend. Pin them on and watch everyone froth with envy and jealousy.

We also found in our extensive studies that you’re 82% more likely to attract preferable sexual attention from everyone and 32% likely to be asked on a date. So if your love-life needs a boost this little prick could help.

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Unicorn pins are a perfect gift for just about everyone including;

  • Parents
  • Friends
  • Priests
  • Pets
  • Farmers
  • Accountants

They are colourful, unique and camp – we just love them. They are popular to jazz up jackets, bags or dull people.

These wonderful gifts are made from the droppings of baby unicorns. We then crystallise them in Prosecco for 1 million years until they are ready to be worn.

They are also a perfect gift everyone and for any occasion; so why not order a few and keep them for when you’ve forgotten someone’s birthday? Hahah. They are also perfect as a stocking filler OR you can just walk over and give one to a random hot stranger. They may think you are mad or you may get lucky.

We reckon the twinks, bears and otters of the world would open this present and say YAS GURL YOU GOT ME THAT. Lovely. Sissy would.

Unicorn pins are good to give as they’re small and easy to store. They’re also totally vers, like us. We’re whatever you want us to be. We think they are a priceless jewel, even though they are available for instant purchase.

Yes dear Sissy lover, if you’ve searched for unicorn gifts this cheeky badge is like winning the jackpot! Then again have you seen our salt and pepper shakers?

The wonderful thing about these things is that they are shipped from the UK. We house them in London at Mother Sissy’s storage centre. When you place an order for one of these gifts, we place them in sissy mail and ship them to you. It’s quick. It’s easy and cheap. Lush.


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