Ripped biker jeans


You don’t need a hot throbbing motorbike between your legs to wear these ripped biker jeans. Or do you?

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Ripped biker jeans are one of those must-have items of clothing which you can really make a statement wearing. It’s a totally vers piece of gay men’s clothing which you can wear to:

• A nightclub – think GAY on Friday
• The office – if you’re working for some hip start up
• Royal Opera House – if you’re a rebellious anti-establishment music student at one of London’s great schools
• Nan’s place – if you’re wanting her to tell you to buy some clothes which haven’t been attacked by moths. Cute. Love her.

You don’t have to ride a motorbike to wear these jeans. Actually, it would probably be quite cold because this is fashion over function. Ripped biker jeans are just that – ripped jeans which look great, but if you actually wore them as suggested, you end up with a frozen ball as you rode from your Grindr hook-up’s house back to your student accommodation.

When you’re wearing these, combine it with a fresh white lace-up trainer. Your jeans will look super smart with a pop of brightness at the bottom. If you add a pea coat, a big bulky scarf, this will give you the ultimate butch queen look. Lovely. Ripped biker jeans, pea coat, bulky scarf – wet dream. Sissy is already frothing.

There’s lots of ways you can combine the ripped biker jeans with other gay men’s clothing. Just experiment, gurl. You’re worth it.