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Gone are lonely baths with a solitary inquisitive face washer. Invest in your bath time with a light up unicorn. Rubber duckies are dead – light up unicorns are so now.

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If you’ve searched for unicorn gift UK, you’ve come to the right place. This is the best unicorn gift – the light up unicorn. It’s cute, fun, and functional – this is this the best unicorn gift for girls, and even gurls. The light up unicorn is great in the bath, but also great on the bedside table, at dinner, or even a night out.

Some people who are searching for unicorn gifts UK will find this product and think yes, this is great – it’s the perfect unicorn gift idea. If you’ve been looking for unicorn gifts for a while now, whether it be the best unicorn gifts for kids, or just funny unicorn gifts, this is it.

The light up unicorn is great for those nights in the bath when you’re feeling your Britney Spears fantasy, when you allow the face washer to caress those special places – this unicorn gift doesn’t mind what the hell you do when you’re alone together. We think the unicorn gift knows exactly what it’s doing sitting in the bath with you… passively watching.

If you need unicorn gift ideas, or, simply ways you can enjoy some quality time with unicorns, here’s what we think you can do together:

  • Have a bath together – this unicorn gift loves the water, and loves you – it’s the perfect unicorn gift
  • Go to dinner together – the unicorn loves attention, and is the best unicorn gift centrepiece on the table when you are trying to crack onto your waiter (part-time actor/model)
  • Open mic night – take the light up unicorn to an open mic night. Tell it a joke, cos this is a funny unicorn to gift a one liner to.

So if you have searched for unicorn gifts UK, and this is the best unicorn gifts for girls in your eyes, we hope you’ll love the light up unicorn.


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