Hologram backpack


This hologram backpack is a gay accessory for any respectable twink with a flexible spine and a yearning to dance. Comes in pink or white silver.

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The hologram backpack (or the UNIF hologram backpack to give its full fabulous name) is a cute item for anyone who wants the best in gay clothing accessories and to simply to look amazing on any occasion such as:

  • Birthdays
  • Weddings
  • Funerals
  • Getting the bus
  • Job interviews
  • Dates
  • Walking the dog

It’s the perfect little rucksack to make you stand out from the crowd.

The hologram backpack comes in pink or white, is divine and vers (like your sugar daddy on Sundays), and our market research found it perfect for the following use:

  1. Dance parties and circuit parties – because you can pack a change of outfit in it (larger bears may struggle), some leather cleaner, a bottle of fresh poppers, wet wipes or and a fresh jockstrap.
  2. Go to Grans for lunch – she’ll see you coming down the street even with diminished eye-sight.
  3. Everyday casual – the UNIF hologram backpack is a great gay accessory and the perfect gay clothing for nights out, weekends away, or on the tube to your daddy’s office (Wife’s away. Twink will play.)
  4. Packed lunches – salads, sandwiches, wraps, crisps, toffee crisps.
  5. Masc/Top – we found that in extreme cases white/silver can help you look more masc, should ever want to do that.
  6. Mystical destinations – travelling with UNIF hologram backpacks – UNIF hologram backpacks are also good for travelling to mystical destinations because they are lightweight. You can use it as hand luggage and “ain’t nobody gonna get away with flogging that bag”. They also don’t scare unicorns.
  7. Hologram backpack as an overnight bag – if you’re going to the country or Zone 3 and need something for your vodka cans and toiletries, this bag is the perfect little fashion bag.
  8. Hologram backpacks for tube rides – Hologram backpacks are also great to wear to on the tube – because you can.

So, as you can see you wear these amazing stylish rucksacks just about anywhere, and with anything.

Where will you wear your backpack? That’s a great question. Do let us know.

Have safe and happy journeys.

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Pink, White Silver


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