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Ariana Grande had no more tears left to cry, and Sia’s big girls cried. Boys cry, too, and they’re real, especially when they’re on a pin.

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When Ariana Grande sang her song and had no more tears left to cry, and when Sia said big girls cry, the gay men of the world said YES! We cry too, gurl – don’t leave us out. Feel your Ariana Sia fantasy, and jazz up a denim or hounds tooth jacket, a bag, or anything else with a boy tears pin. It’s the perfect gift for gay men – for you.

Ariana Grande was in a state of mind she wanted to be in all the time. What she really needed was a permanent bit of clothing jewellery to mark the occasion. When a boy breaks your heart – let’s face it we’ve all had a fella stamp on our hearts and kick it out the door – it hurts. The boy tears pin is all about that moment. It’s really sad, and shit that we have to go through it, but it’s all because we’re preparing ourselves for better times. If you don’t know what shit is, then you don’t know what good looks like.

Sia knows the gays. Surely she is a gay men at hurt – she sings with all the fabulousness that we all possess. Her voice is amazing. And in the tone of voice, especially when she sings about having her heart broken, and how big girls cry when their hearts are breaking, it’s the same sentiment as on the boy tears pin. We know it’s totally camp, but that’s what it is.


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