Bottom dog tag necklace


Bottoms have all the power, because there are no tops if bottoms don’t make it happen. Show the tops who’s boss and tell them you are a proud BOTTOM with this stunning piece of jewellery. If your walk doesn’t give your sexual preference this certainly will.

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Who runs the world? Girls. Bottoms. Who runs the world? Girls. Bottoms. Who runs the world? Girls Bottoms. The tops of the world need bottoms, otherwise they can’t be tops. It’s like the chicken and the egg.

So if you are a bottom and need a dog tag, this bottom dog tag is the one for you. It’s the perfect fit. So we reckon if you’ve search for gay jewellery UK and love a cheeky 8 inch pizza, this will be what you’re looking for. The bottom dog tag is one of the top sellers here at Sissy! It seems that there’s lots of you out there.

Our team believe this stunning item is perfect for the following types of gay guys:

  1. Bottoms – if you are a proud Bottom you should announce this with this stunning piece of gay jewellery.
  2. Vers – because you are really a number 1 at heart.
  3. Tops – because you are a really a number 2 at heart.
  4. Top/vers -– because you are really a number 1 at heart.

When can I wear this beautiful item we hear you ask? Well Sissy That Style can answer that question. Yup, in the office we have some bottoms who model this creation daily and they say they receive most attention and comments when wearing in the following locations and places:

  • Bars
  • Pret
  • The Tube
  • Family events
  • Bed
  • Sandwich shop
  • Bus stop
  • The opera

Wearing this gay dog tag is a great way to catch all the tops’ attention, and then you can have them all vying for your attention. Yummy.

These pieces of gay jewellery are stocked in the UK in a high security vault and can be shipped to you in a short time. So order today and get the message out there! We are sure no-one knows your secret!


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