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Who is Sissy?

Looking for the perfect outfit? You’re in the right place sista. 

Whether you need to look sharp in the office, sexy on the beach, you’ve got a Grindr shag coming over, want to look respectable on a Tinder date or you’re off for a night out with your besties; we’ve got you covered. Every single beautiful inch of you. And we all know, every inch is very important. 

Yes, SissyThatStyle is the top online store for fashionable, affordable styles to make you stand out from the drab crowds –  whatever the occasion maybe. We stock everything from trendy and original t-shirts to stunning jeans, sexy underwear, sparklingly accessories, shimmering cosmetics and fancy footwear. 

We strive to find anything and everything that we will elevate you above the beige. 

Our on point teams scour the leading high-streets, funky independent stores, travel the world and even make our own stuff daily, to keep you looking fierce and on top of your game – so jump it to dear friends and get yourself looking, and more importantly, feeling fabulous!

Plus, as well as our fantastic online shopping we’re also a community of like minded individuals sharing fashion tips, life advice, competitions and fun and frolics, so keep in touch and share what you’re doing! Sharing is caring (as you’re mother always told you) and we’re better off together. 

Yes, we love you. We love your style. So express yourself and Sissy That Style Girlfriend! 


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