It’s a perennial Christmas party theme – Christmas jumper. You get the invite, and all you really need to do is find a Christmas jumper in time for the party. Now that Sissy That Style in on the street corner, we’ve got a bunch of amazing Christmas jumpers to shock, inspire and solicit.

1. Rainbow shitting reindeer Christmas jumper


This is a new and instant classic – the Rainbow shitting reindeer Christmas jumper. Rainbow shitting unicorns Christmas jumpers are really last season. If you really want to have the latest Christmas jumper, or if you’re looking for gifts for gay men, this Christmas jumper could be that perfect stocking filler you’re looking for, girl.

2. Christmas jumper – personal shoppers


They have beards, they’re hot, they come with the perfect Christmas gifts. Look at them. The Personal shoppers Christmas jumper says a lot, mostly that it’s:

  • A cool Christmas jumper – you can be in theme, and still have a great outfit
  • A comfortable Christmas jumper – something you can wear to dinner, to the club, and to bed
  • The perfect Christmas jumper – it’s funny, camp, warm and the rest of the above.
  • Gifts for gay men – they’re like the Queer Eye team – they just know how to shop.

Sissy That Style is calling it – the Three Wise Men were gay. This Christmas jumper celebrates that.

3. Naughty Santa Christmas jumper


The Naughty Santa Christmas jumper is a naughty and fun jumper to wear if you want to be sassy and queer. This sissy jumper is one of those perfect gifts for gay men.

Look how Santa is hiding some white Christmas gifts behind his jumper, and he’s so festive, this year he’s brought other gifts for gay men behind that cloak. Lovely Santa, always thinking of gifts for gay guys.

4. The simplest Christmas jumper


Sometimes less is more, and this Christmas jumper takes a no frills approach to Christmas jumpers. It’s a great gift for gay men, but it’s also functional – it says I love a simple Christmas.

This Christmas jumper comes in black, grey, green and red, and on each Christmas jumper, the text is white so this simple Christmas jumper message just POPS (like a twink on a fresh bottle of poppers). Now that’s a great Christmas gift for anyone.

5. Santa Christmas jumper


Sissy is all about equality. And who is to say that Santa is a white dude, especially since God is a woman (Sissy LOVES Ariana Grande). This Santa Christmas jumper is great because it’s:

  • Celebrating diversity – this Christmas jumper has a picture of African-American Santa
  • A classic Christmas jumper – is a classic, yet surprising, Christmas jumper
  • A great gift for gay men – it’s fun, camp, and Christmasy.

This Christmas, give your friend this gay Christmas jumper.

6. Christmas snow Christmas jumper


Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow in this classic Christmas snow Christmas jumper. Girl, this is a SISSY jumper which is perfect as a gift for gay men, especially at Christmas.

Some Christmas jumpers are a bit over the top, but this one is super fun and GAY AF. If you like Christmas jumpers, you’ll love this – it’s the perfect Christmas gift for a gay man.