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Sissy That Style is a queer space just for you. Shop, or loiter – just be sissy.

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It’s a perennial Christmas party theme – Christmas jumper. You get the invite, and all you really need to do is find a Christmas jumper in time for the party. Now that Sissy That Style in on the street corner, we’ve got a bunch of amazing Christmas jumpers to…READ MORE >

Being Sissy, you’re not alone

I kept my secret, and channelled energy into music and the arts.   Sissy That Style’s Byron Watson, Creative Sissy, talks about growing up gay.   I grew up in the working class city of Campbelltown, Sydney, and considered myself one of the lucky ones – I only got… READ MORE >

Getting fit and being Sissy

Around the world, there are sports clubs created and run by LGBTQI people, for the specific reason to foster LGBTQI health and well-being. Anything from football, to swimming, rugby and tennis, these sports clubs are a safe, and competitive, place to .. READ MORE >

Why Sissy That Style is for you

We are a collective of like-minded people who love gay fashion, news, and all things LGBTI. So whoever and wherever you are, sit back and take a browse.

We’d love you to check out and contribute to our topical blog posts, from gay fashion, to gay health. And of course, you can shop the latest in our iconic (and even ironic) limited edition gay t-shirts and jumpers, and gifts for gay men. If you’re feeling playful, enter our fun competitions. If you’re shopping for pride gifts and decorations, you can get them here.

Sissy That Style was established by a group of gay friends (along with the superpowers of one amazing actual woman) with the aim of looking to put some fun back into gay fashion, like t-shirts and jumpers, and other gay clothing like jeans and caps.

Although we don’t see ourselves as a gay brand, we are a safe place of personal expression, joyful self-depreciation and ultimate togetherness; something we feel our gay community has the power to embody like no other. In light of that our sassy teams scour the country looking for leading gay clothing to keep you looking fabulous whatever the occasion, as well as commissioning and making our own gay fashion by supporting new up-and-coming designers at the start of their exciting careers.

Our shop is eclectic and we stock gay clothing and gifts we fancy; everything from original men’s hoodies, denim jackets and amazing biker jeans. Our gifts for gay men include super camp rainbow and unicorn salt and pepper shakers, bath toysbasically anything that puts a smile on your face.

The season for giving and indeed receiving is approaching and we’ve just opened our Christmas gift shop. It’s choc full of unique Christmas jumpers and tees with our own take on the festive season.

At Sissy That Style we celebrate life and love in all forms and shapes and sizes, whilst standing up to repression and basically things that just ain’t right. We love you all and we hope you enjoy our site and our journey, welcome, and remember to Sissy That Style whenever and wherever you want to!